Mission Hysterical! Pt 56 Danger Girls Dish Out De-Feet

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Description: Danger Girls, Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage (played by Alexa J. Toes and Madame Amiee) discover that Major Maxim, MKII is actually the Ticklante! Even better, he turns the tables on Hammer agent, Capt. Haze! Abbey has been keeping the LuXian Medallion for our hero and gladly hands it off to him! Once he leaves, it’s time for Abbey and Sydney to score some tickle revenge on Capt. Haze’s big, bare feet! Haze thought that she could get Sydney to sell out Abbey for the medallion and boy was she wrong! Now, she has to deal with being tickle tag-teamed by both of them! Fingernails fly across Haze’s big, tender soles and between her twitching, wriggling toes, as she cackles up a storm! But, this isn’t all tickle payback and fun and games, for Abbey and Sydney. While they have Haze on the ropes, this is as good a time as any to tickle some info about Natalia Kassle’s location out the unbearably ticklish Hammer agent! Does Haze know where to find Natalia? Will her ticklish feet allow her keep what she knows a secret?
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