Laughing Lady Crooks! Pt. 35 Sisterly Inheritance Wager

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Description: A mobster’s eldest step-daughter (Jean Bard0t) hires Detective Jutsu to put her sisters through a tickle trial, to have them written out of her late step-father’s will. Each has to last a certain amount of time, being foot-tickled in the stocks, without saying she doesn’t want the money or her stake to the family fortune is forfeit! First up is the youngest step-daughter, Charlotte (played by Charlotte Sartre). The bratty, Goth girl can’t even fathom saying that she doesn’t want the money … til her shoes come off and her tender, bare soles come under ticklish assault! The alabaster-skinned cutie is super-ticklish and has a mouth on her! She cusses up a storm, amidst gales of giggles and guffaws! Charlotte’s toes scrunch and squirm as her pale-soled feet flail about, in ticklish agony! Fingernails, a feather, oil, the steel claw and stiff brush keep the foul-mouthed mob princess begging, shrieking and swearing up a storm! Will she relinquish her claim to step-daddy’s money? And what happens when fiery-tempered middle sibling, Stella (played by Stella Liberty) hears of this contest? Find out now!
Categories: Feet Tickling
Models: Stella Liberty