Military Tickle Mayhem! Pt. 1 Making Mia Talk!

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Description: Mercenary, Mia Hope, has been caught trying to steal some intel files from a military installation. She finds herself bound in some kind of contraption, with her feet straight up in the air! The base commander wants to retrieve the files, but the case she has them in is locked and bulletproof! When Mia refuses to tell him how to open it, he removes her socks and begins tickling her bare feet! Mia explodes into gales of laughter, furiously squirming and flailing as she giggles, cackles and begs for mercy, all the while swearing that she won’t talk! Her interrogator takes this as a challenge adds to her howling hilarity with feathers, soft brushes, the steel chopstick, oil, hairbrush and other tickle tools! It isn’t long before the teary-eyed merc is toe-tally losing it, in a fit of toe-scrunching hysterics! Only the four-number combination of the briefcase stand between Mia’s unbearably ticklish feet and (somewhat) certain release from the clutches of her tickle-crazed captor! Will she give it up? Find out now, in this customer-commissioned tickle tale!
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