Laughing Lady Crooks! Pt. 36 Stella’s Tickle Phobia!

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Description: Mafia princess, Stella Gambino (played by Stella Liberty) is appalled that she has to go through this ridiculous contest at the behest of her eldest step-sister. She really comes to hate it, when she realizes that it involves being strapped into a pair of stocks … with her shoes off, in front of Detective Jutsu, because she knows what happens next! The tall, well-composed beauty is soon a tousled mess as cruel fingernails skitter up and down the soles of her pampered feet! She guffaws, giggles and cackles up a storm, all the while outraged at her absurd predicament, and the fact that the detective is definitely enjoying himself! She hopes that he doesn’t know about her pteronophobia … but then, he takes out a feather! The sexy heiress begs and pleads, amid gales of laughter as the plume glides up and down her soles and works its way between her long, elegant toes! Stella tries to bribe the detective out of his contract with her older step-sis, but he seems fine with foot-tickling her silly, til she relinquishes her claim to the will! But will this be the end? It’s rare for Joe to let a pair of pretty feet go untickled and there’s still one sibling left … the one who hired him! Stay tuned, for the conclusion!
Categories: Feet Tickling
Models: Stella Liberty