Xanas Foot Fantasies - Tied Tickle and Coerced Worship

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Description: It is a great day for Goddess Xana, as she gets to play with Miss Skie her way. Being a keen, dominant foot fetishist, Xana adores to dominate with her feet and to take control over submissives. Driven by those fantasies and desires of her, Xana ties up Miss Skie in a position on her bedroom bed in which the submissive is unable to move or resist against Xana's foot fetish dominant drive. Once Skie is tied up, Xana puts her hands and fingers to work on Skie's bare soles, heels, and toes, tickling the submissive girl to insanity. After that, the best part comes, as Xana pushes her dominant feet down the throat of Skie and commands the slave-girl to lick, suck and worship her sexy feet.