Czech Soles - Bratty step-sister forced foot worship

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Description: Having a younger bratty step-sister is sometimes a real pain in the ass...especially when the step-sister is Megan. Jack, her step-brother, he don't talk to her that much since she's usually bitching about something. Today he came to his desk in his room and found a paper with list of tasks with a date when they should be done. Jack comes to Megan and asks her what the hell is that. He surely don't want to do any of it - shopping, cleaning the apartment and what the hell?! Massaging Megan's feet? No way! But Megan apart from being bratty can be pretty mean too and she starts to threaten Jack that she'll publish some embarrassing photos if Jack won't do what she wants. He tries to fight for her phone but without success and when Megan has her finger on the publish button he submits to her and starts to do what she wants. Megan has this victory face, laughing that her step-brother is kissing her shoes on her feet and crawls on his knees before her. But that's just a start, Megan can be very mean and she can really enjoy it.
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