Bratty Foot Girls - Sasha Foxxx, Jenny Jett - Tricked Tied and Worshiped 2

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Description: Sasha has her friend Jenny over and has been playing games with her all day. Jenny is tired and just wants to go home. Sasha talks her into staying and playing one more game with her - the tie up game! Jenny reluctantly agrees as long as Sasha doesn't tie her up too tightly. Soon Sasha has Jenny just where she wants her. Now she is tied up and is going to have her feet all to herself! Jenny is disgusted as Sasha starts taking off her socks and smelling her stinky soles. Sasha licks them, kisses them much to Jenny's disgust. Jenny cannot escape as Sasha has her tied up tightly, Sasha ignores her pleas for help and decides to gag her mouth as well so she can't call for help. Sasha has wanted Jenny's feet for a long long time and will take her time licking and cleaning them with her tongue! part 1 of 2.