Mission Hysterical! Pt 55 Danger Girls In Danger!

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Description: THE LUXIAN MEDALLION SAGA CONTINUES! Abbey Chase (Alexa J. Toes) comes to Sydney Savage’s (Madame Amiee) rescue, saving her from Capt. Haze! However, soon Abbey is captured by Major Maxim MKII! After saving the day for the bad guys, Maxim interrogates the troublesome twosome. In no time, both Abbey and Sydney are shrieking with hysterical laughter and begging for mercy! But Maxim knows Abbey has the medallion. It’s just a matter of finding out where she’s hidden it, and judging by her and Sydney’s desperate howling guffaws, they won’t be able to hold out for long! It’s a sole-scrunching, toe-wiggling tickle-fest as Abbey and Sydney thrash about in the stocks! These two may be great in a fight, but when it comes to be tickled, they’re easy pickings! But, there’s something odd about this new version of Major Maxim. What is it? You’ll have to buy this one and find out, in this IDW Publishing parody!
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