FTKL’s Tickling Fantasies – Tickle Wrestling Entertainm

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Description: Nordic warrior, Jolene the Valkyrie Hexx takes on Apokalypta, queen of the wastelands! Jolene’s strength is superior, but Apokalypta fights dirty! Underhanded tactics and taunting throw Jolene off her game as Apokalypta gets into her head! Just when it looks like Jolene might finally gain some momentum, Apokalypta stomps on her foot … then tickles the other, sending the Valkyrie into a helpless fit of laughter! Apokalypta mocks Jolene the entire time, laughing at her helplessness! Can Jolene overcome her feral, savage foe or is she doomed to a ticklish, laugh-addled de-feet? Find out now!
Categories: Feet Tickling