Russian Fetish – Olivia tickles her friend Paloma while

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Description: ight time. In general, Paloma is sitting on a bench, her small feet are locked in stocks, her hands are tied above her head. Olivia’s (she cosplays Harley Quinn in this clip btw) feet are fixed in the same stocks, she is kneeling, hanging over her girlfriend. Two pairs of bare and sexy feet are next to each other and are going to be licked and tickled. Olivia was tasked with tickling Paloma and trying not to be distracted by the pleasant sensations of licking her feet. She really tried, but then the foot worship aroused her a lot and in addition to the usual tickling, she began to moan and caress Paloma. Paloma, on the other hand, experienced sensations from two sources. Olivia tickles her upper body and I tickle her feet and lick them. In my opinion, it turned out very fetish and sexy. Enjoy!
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