FTKL's Tickling Fantasies - Dannii King - Cackling Cat Burglars! Pt. 10

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Description: Rival cat burglars Emma Green and Dannii King have a difference of opinion, over who's meant to rob which house. Emma thinks she's caught Dannii on her turf, so she K.Os her and ties her up. Emma thinks Dannii needs to be taught a lesson, so she removes Dannnii's shoes and tickles her feet! Dannii yelps, giggles and guffaws, writhing about in a tickled fit! Emma takes sadistic pleasure in Dannii's predicament as her big feet and long toes wriggle helplessly! Dannii manages to use "monkey feet", as Emma calls them, to trap her tickle assailant's hands, but not nearly often enough to keep Emma from driving her crazy! And soon enough, Dannii is tickle-humiliated and left tied, while Emma ransacks the house, free to take all its spoils! Looks like a bad night for Dannii ' unless she can free herself! To be continued!
Categories: Feet Tickling
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