FTKL’s Tickling Fantasies – The Tickle Casting Couch! P

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Description: More tickling, for Vancouver, B.C.! After enduring a nylon foot-tickling ordeal, Sadie Rose is looking to take her frustrations out on someone. Newcomer, Suelto, happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and ends up roped, restrained and unshod! The raven-haired Amazon could barely wait, to get her wicked fingernails on the sexy, alt-model’s nervously-cringing, bare feet! Suelto tries to resist and hold in her laughter, but flinching, wriggling feet can only take so much! When it isn’t fingernails, it’s a feather. When it isn’t the feather, soft brushes are invading the spaces between and beneath her toes! And soon enough, it’s the electric toothbrush! By the end, Suelto just can’t hold it in, anymore and is tickled to the point of having to give in and accept that Sadie is going to have her way with her!
Categories: Feet Tickling