Houston Foot Fetish – Sorceress Morgana gets her long s

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Description: Morgana makes her long awaited and epic tickle debut on the Houston Foot Fetish store. Believe you me the wait was well worth it and then some. She has her long size 10? soles propped up on the table with nowhere to go as they are firmly in my grips and she proceeds to get the most intense tickle session she’s ever been apart of thus far. Several different tickle devices are used, but my favorite was the old fashioned method of using bare hands to tickle this Latina beauty. Her feet are so soft and long that it was easy to find all her ticklish spots from top to bottom. We had so much fun during this tickle session that time got away from us and before you know it we’re nearly 15 minutes in before mutually deciding she’s had enough . For now…..
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