Tickle Nail – Tied arched feet – Larissa custom order

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Description: Minutes 1-4 So it will start with Larissa smiling at the camera, then the camera will slowly pan away from her head and make its way to her feet. Huanita will enter and begin slowly rubbing her feet admiring how pretty they are. Huanita will then use her fingers and long fingernails to slowly tickle her soles and arches, even using her spare hand to push down on the tops of her feet so her arches are as bent as possible. Larissa enjoys this and wants Huanita to stick her fingers between Larissa’s tied down toes. This continues for a few minutes. Minutes 5-7 Larissa then asks Huanita to use really soft feathers on her feet, Huanita obliges and tickles her soles with the feathers. She has one feather in each hand and strokes her soles up and down with the feathers, also alternating between tickling both feet at once and using 2 feathers on one foot. Minutes 8-10 Larissa confesses she loves having her feet tickled like this, but Huanita has a plan of her own…Huanita grabs an electric toothbrush and begins tickling her soles and arches with the brush. For the final minute, Huanita grabs Larissa’s pinky toe away and spreads the space between her toes, Huanita says ‘pinky toe time’, Larissa begs her not too but Huanita places the electric toothbrush in the space between her last 2 toes! Extra notes… No oil or lotion on the feet, just the above Don’t mind at all about clothing, whatever is comfortable Can Larissa have purple nail polish?
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