Lights, Camera … Laughter! Pt. 5 Sahrye’s Tickle Freako

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Description: The screen test continues for Sahrye and Raven, but now they’ve been told to switch places. Raven loves this idea! Sahrye, not so much, because now it means she has to take what she’s been dishing out! Once Sahrye is in the stocks, the casting director gives Raven some tips on how to tickle Sahrye’s nervously cringing, nylon-clad feet! After getting the feisty Latina “warmed up”, Raven attacks Sahrye’s wildly wriggling feet with her long, wicked-looking fingernails! Sahrye explodes with laughter and struggles so hard that she rocks the stocks! And Raven loves every minute of it! Soon enough, soft brushes and a feather are used to keep Sahrye guessing and in toe-tal tickle misery! By the end of the ordeal, the casting director joins in and Sahrye is absolutely apoplectic, flailing about in a howling, shrieking fit of laughter! Looks like this is going to be a tough choice for the director and a tough role for whomever is cast, but for now it’s a fun time for Raven!
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