FTKL’s Tickling Fantasies – The Tickle Casting Couch! P

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Description: FIRST TIME TIED & TICKLED! Mature, blonde domme and dancer, Janine Jericho has a sexy and sinister look that might make you think twice about messing with her. However, that’s exactly the kind of thing we like, so we happily engage! According to her, she found out she was ticklish, while being foot worshiped and is “that woman” at the salon that the nail techs like to laugh at! Speaking of laughing, Janine has a great, hearty guffaw and it doesn’t take much to get it going! Her petite, size 5.5 feet are very soft and super-ticklish! Feather ticklish, in fact! The room fills with cackling and guffawing as fingernails, feathers and other tickle tools keep her on the edge of her seat! (No, seriously, we had to strap her down with a lap restraint, during the video, because she nearly fell out of the chair!) Janine also made the mistake of having dirty feet, so as per our policy, it was our duty to clean them … with hot, soapy water and a hairbrush! All in all, we made it a memorable experience for Janine, and we’re pretty sure you won’t forget it, either!
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