Czech Soles - Tickling Punishment Turned To Tickling Spree

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Description: Jack gets jumped by two girls - Daniela and Madam Cat - while he's reading a magazine on the couch. They sit next to him real close and start to blame him for some stuff he did. Jack tries to go away but the girl hold him down every time he tries to get up and he now figures he's in trouble. "What to do with him? He needs to be punished" says one of the girls. "You're right. I've heard he's really ticklish, so let's try that!" says the other and then they starts to tickle Jack using their feet and toes. Jack is helpless, he has to laugh but really he's suffering. It goes on and on he begs for mercy now but the girls are not finished yet. But then Jack tells on Daniela one bad thing she did to Madam Cat and Cat joins with Jack and start to tickle Daniela's feet without mercy. It's two on one situation and Daniela can't do anything only to take the tickling of her soles. Than the roles turn and some dirt on Madam Cat is also spoken out loud. So Daniela and Jack join together and tickle..
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