Scarlett Sinns Twisted Fetishes – The Tickling Game – P

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Description: While still on the table with her wrists and ankles cuffed and secured, Ama the realtor is having to endure much more foot tickle torment in an effort to make her client happy so that she’ll make a really sweet sale. So now comes the part where I use a thin paint brush to brush some coconut oil onto her soles to make them nice and slippery and extra sensitive! The sensation of the brush all along the bottoms of her big ticklish bare feet makes Ama squirm and yell with laughter. In addition to the brush, I use my tongue to lick her long elegant wet toes and ticklish soles. I ask her a couple of questions on behalf of her client and she answers them while I continue to tickle her feet with the brush, my tongue and eventually my fingers!
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