The Tickle Room - Tickling my Old Boss Kristy - Convert

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Description: So here is another one of those super interesting universe moments lol. So I love being busy and work really hard. I try to do as much as I can to work and at one point took a job with a gaming company. During that time I was doing so well they moved me around to a LOT of stores but one store gave me a LOT of hours and the boss….was Kristy. Now of course working with her long enough I always wondered if she was ticklish or what her feet looked like, etc. I could tell she was one of the people who hated that and her feet but never even brought anything up. Well 2 years later we are REALLY good friends and she left the job. So while hanging out I finally pop the question “Hey are you ticklish?”. Kristy immediately turned bright red and in began the convo of what I do and how much she thinks foot stuff is weird and gross. No one was allowed to touch her feet Well we were hanging in her house another day and brought it up and while talking she let me tickle her! She IMMEDIATELY was giggling while silently….BEGGING. It was kind of shocking and really hot. So we get into the video and she is NERVOUS. She was smiling but TERRIFIED to talk. I get her tied up and now she is REALLY nervous before looking at me and saying “this is really hot because I was your boss lol”. Now while tickling her soles she has INSANELY soft size 6 feet and her arches are SO HOT. The toe-tie compliments a perfect pair of feet. She giggles and a few times BURSTS but ultimately she gets REALLY red and…..HORNY. She falls in LOVE with her feet being tickled and touched and for the first time in her life she wanted more. Check out this video of my first and certainly not last time tickling my boss! There is a brief upperbody portion but we had no time sadly.
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