Houston Foot Fetish – Gorgeous gypsy chick gets tied ti

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Description: The fiery Latina hippie also known as Velvet Queen is tied up and mercilessly tickled up to and beyond her limits. This is well over fifteen minutes of constant pressure that she was most definitely not accustomed to or mentally prepared for & trust me I took advantage like a shark in water and struck while the iron was hot. As usual a variety of tickle tools and methods were applied and I’m extremely proud to say that by Velvet’s own admission that she was tickled so intensely she was on the verge of passing out which is a major accomplishment for me that I’ll gladly accept a trophy or medal of honor for!! At the end of the day this sexy gypsy was a good sport and made it through the intense tickling session and she’s now better for it and the results are an instant classic that you’ll want in your collection for sure!!
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