[TICKLING] Feather Freaks Foot Tickling - Ticklish Soles On The Couch - PART II Tied Toes

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Description: Part II: Sarah's feet are much more vulnearable now. The big and the small toes are tied, so it's time to continue torturing her. I begin with stoking up and down those beautiful feet, again and again. After some time I use all my fingers and dig them into her meaty soles, into to let tickling become more and more intense. Then I tickle her with a painprush, whats pretty effective on her. When I use it on her toes, the camera zooms in and you get a very close view of some nice toe-tickling action. After that, her feet get tickled by two different kinds of feathers. What comes next, is the quill of a large feather. This technique is very hard for her to stand, but I show no mercy and explore every single spot of her ticklish feet – including the toes with another beautiful close up view. Have fun!
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