FTKL’s Tickling Fantasies – Tickles From the Darkside!

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Description: CUSTOM VIDEO/MARVEL PARODY! Rogue of the X-Men is subdued, by a mutant working for the evil Mojo! Mojo wants Rogue to come work for him, and intends to have his agent tickle Rogue into agreeing! But, Rogue is prepared for the foot-tickling ordeal, this time … or so she thinks! She’s wearing a special pair of socks that can’t be removed and nullify any unwanted sensations! However, her villainous interrogator’s fingernails and tickle implements have been infused with a special element known as “ticklantium”, capable of cutting through any tickle defenses! So, once again, Rogue finds herself howling and cackling away as her socked soles and toes flail and squirm about, in toe-tal tickle agony! Can Rogue resist the ticklish persuasion of her interrogator? Don’t miss the bizarre, surprise ending!
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