Xanas Foot Fantasies - Skie’s Ticklish Feet

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Description: Goddess Xana has decided to enjoy some foot play her way today! She has invited one of her hottest models, Miss Skie, over and she is about to treat herself to her delicious toes and tasty soles and heels. However, Xana's real-life foot fantasies are not limited to foot worship, sole licking and toe sucking only. In addition to all these, Xana truly enjoys tickling the feet of her foot fetish partners and this is one of the main reasons why she has decided to invite Miss Skie, in particular, that day. Her young model does have large, sexy feet, which are super fun to play with but most importantly, they are very ticklish, especially if touched by an experienced and keen foot tickling fetishist like Goddess Xana, who, to spice things u even further, shines Skie's feet with a lot of lotion before engaging in sexy, passionate foot worship and tickling play with them.