Home Invasion Hilarity! Pt 2 Cindy and Nicole!

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Description: CINDY STARFALL RETURNS! Cindy Starfall and Nicole Oring are trapped in their home and tied up by a burglar! The invader wishes them no harm, but demands to know where they hide their valuables. Convinced that he’s just a random weirdo, they refuse, but little do the know, he doesn’t have to harm them to loosen their tongues! Cindy and Nicole aren’t sure what’s going on, when their captor gets down on the floor, til it’s too late. He reaches under their chairs and tickles their bound, bare feet! Fingernails, feathers and a calligraphy brush skitter and glide along their super-sensitive soles and tender, wiggly toes! Howling laughter fills the room as the captive pair cackle away, in fits of hysterics, begging for mercy! But mercy can only come, once one or both of them tell him where the goods are hidden!
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