Covid Coochie-Coo! Pt 4 Impatient Patient!

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Description: After her ticklish ordeal at the hands of nurse Dacey, wrongfully quarantined patient, Amiee, escapes and subdues her tormentor! Dacey finds herself strapped down on the exam table, with her feet locked in the stocks! Amiee removes Dacey’s shoes and takes great delight in tickling her wildly wriggling bare feet as Dacey howls and cackles with helpless laughter! The oppressive nurse begs for mercy as fingernails, feathers, brushes and all manner of tickle tools keep her tender toes squirming in toe-tal tickle panic! But as much fun as Amiee is having dishing out tickle justice to this toe-talitarian caregiver, what she really wants is the access code to get out of the facility! Can Amiee tickle nurse Dacey into giving her the code? Will our now slightly-crazed heroine be able to escape the captivity of quarantine? Will this so-called “new normal” go on forever? Most of these questions will be answered, by the end of this clip, so don’t miss it!
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