Massage Tickle Sabotage! Pt. 1 Alexa vs. Laughter

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Description: Arrogant MMA celeb, Alexa J. stops in at a local massage salon, acting like she owns the place. The salon owner is happy to serve her, but despite this she still treats him like trash. However, the owner has just the treatment for conceited, entitled people like her. He offers her “the celebrity treatment”. Alexa finds it odd that the celebrity treatment includes being restrained in stocks, but her concerns melt away as he removes her shoes and begins to rub her aching feet. Just when Alexa is comfortable her foot massage turns into a ticklish assault on her vulnerable soles! The MMA champion howls and cackles in a foot-flailing, toe-squirming fit of hysterics! In no time, her snooty tone is gone and she’s begging for mercy! Fingernails, feathers, brushes and the claw massager quickly teach the feisty, celebrity tough girl to mind her manners!
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