Russian Fetish – Secret Agent Kristy Part 2 – Tickling

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Description: The of Agent Kristy continues. After Kristy was visited by the boss, she was taken to a red bench and tied there to be tickled. Kristy was very ticklish and was on the sides and feet in thin white tights. She squirmed and laughed. The tickling lasted about 6 minutes and then Kristy was given time to release. She unbuttoned her leather cuffs and tried to leave, but was caught. Kristy was placed on a leather mattress where her hands were fixed in an armbinder and her body was tied with many straps. A ball gag was inserted in her mouth and a collar around the neck. Kristy was tied with additional ropes to the mattress and left alone for a while. In the end, we see Kristy is tied up with the ballgag and the collar. A guard puts on a scarf and glasses, and over her body, he puts on a light raincoat. She was ready to obediently follow the guard through corridors. After a while, Kristy was sent back up the stairs.
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