Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 38 Farewell, Jungle

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Description: GET READY FOR JUNGLE JANE’S FINAL MATCH! Jungle Jane is leaving TWE to pursue a movie career! (In reality, Alexa J. Toes is retiring from shooting!) And her final match is a tough one! A triple threat match against Snake and Uma Lee! Jane overpowers them at the beginning, but once Uma Lee goes in for a tickle attack, it turns into a two-on-one rib and foot tickle team-up! Jane is literally on the ropes, howling with laughter, trying desperately to fend off the unexpected alliance between her opponents! But, despite their superior tactics, Uma and Snake have underestimated Jane’s superior, jungle girl strength and fighting prowess! After a constantly turning tide of punching, stomping, foot smothering and tickle attacks, the match comes down to a three-way, every woman for herself, foot-tickling showdown, where only one can come out on top! Can Jane overcome Uma Lee and Snake? Find out now!
Categories: Feet Tickling