Goddess Zephy - Worship My Feet Bitch

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Description: Yeah I know my feet are god-- and after 10 hours in my stinky heels they totally reek!! Seriously, I don't think my sweaty goddess feet have ever been so potent (I could smell them from where I was sitting)! What does that mean? that some dumbass slave needs to sniff them, fresh out of my shoes! My 'lil droolbucket' will literally do ANYTHING I say....and being the brat I am, I make him worship my super stinky goddess feet!! Amazing how such cute little girlie feet can produce such scent :) I tease and make fun of my 'foot puppet'-- hopelessly following my every little command on his knees to please me as the scent fills the room. I further humiliate him as he kisses and adores my princess feet, making him show me his huge erection and laughing in his face...seriously, who gets rock hard from sniffing a woman's sweaty, reeking feet? I suggest things like how he should pray to my feet and lick between my toes for nourishment lol! It's like my feet are his female god, and provide life (and can take it away)! men just melt down into these little drooly pools of worship at the mere sight of my high heels, perfect feet and sexy legs...instantly becoming my slaves (it's almost TOO easy). After a thorough worship session, I have my mesmerized lil subbie lick my royal feet until the scent is gone, then use his face as a foot rest while I take a nap. I HAVE THE PERFECT LIFE!!