Princess Beverly - Life As A Foot Slave

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Description: The life of a foot slave like you is quite simple: you wait till you worship. That's it. Wait and worship. Life is all about that moment where I let you crawl to me on your knees. You follow my orders to worship, sniff and adore my sweaty toes and feet. How lucky are you to be close to me? It's as close as you will ever be permitted. At the end of the leash, you will be made to enjoy the aroma from my dirty, tired, and smelly feet. I will only allow you smell them. If you are obedient enough, you might be allowed to taste my sweaty toes. Someday, maybe. I will make sure your mouth and brain are filled with my scent. Even if it means ramming my foot down your throat. I'll make you gag with my big toe tickling your tonsils! But for now, you only get to look and smell. Loser.
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