Czech Soles - Madam Cat, Megan - Two Goddesses Trampling Foot And Face Sitting Slave

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Description: Madam Cat has her friend over. It's goddess Megan and she is interested in trying Cat's new slave boy. She says she's training him but he's still not fully obedient and he slacks worshiping her. Megan would like to learn thing or two so she came to have a hands-on or better yet feet-on lecture. The slave's reward for good behavior is that he's allowed to worship his goddess' feet and punishment is spanking, whipping, trampling, smothering and face sitting. He needs to learn where his place is and Cat and Megan will show him as many times as necessary. He's should feel lucky these two goddesses let him even lick the bottoms of their shoes! And he will obey! Or punishment will come and the girls will enjoy that as well!