Obey Melanie - My Feet Your Dick

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Description: Have you ever watched a man be ruined? This slave will have his sperm extracted. Of course I wouldn’t think of letting him enjoy it. I see how he looks at my feet, so i use them to add to his humiliation. first, I make him erect his cock without ever touching it. If he wants to cum, he must get his dick standing without any stimulation whatsoever. Just the sight of my feet has him pointing obscenely. Then I use my bare soles to brush his shaft. It has him going crazy! I get him worked up. My toes toy with his pole until he begins leaking semen but never fully ejaculates. I have him right where I want him. He is desperate for orgasm but i wont make it the slightest bit enjoyable. My feet make him dribble his sperm while I laugh at him. His humiliation is now complete. He has been completely ruined. The evidence is the cum that lays on my feet.