KJD - Be Brunch Bitch & Cabana Boy to Elite Goddess

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Description: Being my brunch bitch and Cabana Boy have long been on your wish list of positions in my stable and now is your chance to prove yourself. Every man like you has an idea of what he thinks this position will be but its really a bit of everything. You will be expected to pay of course, but you will be expected to do so much more, will we dress you up like one of us? Will we hide you under the table? Will we be mean? Will we tease you? Who knows and honestly who cares … all that matters is making me proud, saying yes or nothing at all, being useful to your Goddess and her Posse of Premier Dominatrixes! You will not want to fuck this up or make yourself look bad in front of such Royalty. I’ll even give you a little motivation before they arrive, so you will be on your absolute best behavior and do your absolute best!