Bratty Foot Girls - Mikayla Miles Stuck forced to Sniff my Size 16s

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Description: The legendary Amazon Goddess Mikayla has her slave trapped in the facebox at the mercy of her very fragrant size 16 feet! Straight from her gym shoes, she starts making him huff in her smelly socks, her massive feet completely cover his face and more ad she grinds her socks soles into his nose. She laughs as she removes her socks and gives him some very stinky barefeet! Her long toes stretch over his forehead as his nose is nuzzled between her sole and toes. Right where all the toejam has accumulated. She stands on his face and gets a kick out of it. He can't see anything but her giant soles pressing flat on his face. Another must buy for Mikayla fans! Starring: Mikayla Miles, Jason Ninja *FOOT SMELLING* *FOOT SMOTHER* *AMAZONS*