TA Worship - Savory Soles

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Description: Maria Marley has perfectly long soles with sexy slender toes. She loves to tease her foot lovers with her socks still on as she rests them in your lap. She tells Indica to remove each one so slowly that revealing each bare foot is a tease in itself. Wiggling her toes as Indica slips off each clean white sock, Maria watches Indica stare at her feet, knowing how badly she wants to taste her long, wrinkly soles. Maria loves the feeling of having her toes sucked on because it turns her on, especially when you know just how to nibble at the tips. Indica's long tongue drench Maria's big size 9s as she bathes them from top to bottom. Maria moans and sighs with each gentle lick that graces her butter kissed wrinkles. Indica loves how sweet they taste once they have been warmed up in her mouth. Maria's toes wiggle in delight as she tells Indica just how to make her feet feel special. She promises to return the favor if Indica does a good job following her directions. Needless to say, Indica was feeling particularly motivated to have a chance at Maria's soft lips loving her sensitive tootsies in return. 1280X720 HD WMV VERSION
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