Czech Soles - Eliska - Office Foot Domination And Foot Smother 1

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Description: Jack and Eliska are colleagues for years but last few months Jack really shown his true face, at least in relation to woman and how he perceives them. He thinks that they are all incompetent, useless, they make only troubles and good maybe just for sex. He's been pretty bad to Eliska these last few months and she has enough of it. When Jack visits her office and starts to scream at her because of some not finished work Eliska is mad but when he says the sentence "Typical woman! Can't you finish this??", Eliska gets really furious! She grabs him by his tie, pulls him down on his knees screams at him and takes off her shoe after the days work and puts it on Jack's nose. "I have enough of you, Jack! You'll suffer now!". Jack is so surprised he can't even fight back and not having any air other then from Eliska's shoe is not helping him either. But that's just a start! Eliska is really mad and she wants to punish Jack for all those months he gave her hell. Prepare to be dominated and foot smothered, colleague