Footworship Or Eviction

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Description: Sayuri doesn't want to lose her home. Her mother is old and has no other place where she can live. When her husband ran away for gambling debts, he left a big mess. Maki, the landlady has been patient, but Sayuri is already 2 months behind. She told Sayuri that if she isn't paid in full then she will have to throw them out onto the street. Then she gave her another choice. That choice. Be Her Slave. Serve her in every way. Maki arrives to find her mother on the porch. After exchanging pleasantries, she goes inside and finds Sayuri starting dinner. Sayuri doesn't have the money and so Maki reminds her of what she must now do to keep her home. She tells her to meet her upstairs once she starts dinner. There her training will begin. The next scene opens with Maki's long and sexy painted toes pointed out and waiting to be given proper worship. She tells Sayuri that she must show her submission by cleaning the sweat from her bare feet. She wants every toe sucked and then wants them licked from heel to toe. The toe sucking and foot worship are excellent. I love the amazing Dominant energy of Maki and how verbal she is with instructing her new slave how to serve her. Sayuri does an excellent job. I would have loved to be in the room for this great scene. Maki's long toes are like sexy popsicles and I just love her long toes and sexy knuckles.
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