Brat Princess 2 - Princess Kali - 18 Year Old Emotionally Abuses A Friend While He Worships Her Feet

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Description: 720 HD: This poor guy thinks that his cute friend is being really nice letting him spend time with her, but she is actually really mean. After a long shopping session at the mall, where Kali hits Danni's credit card real hard, Danni finds himself back in Kali's bedroom. Kali is a totally emotionally manipulative brat. She fucks this poor 's inferior mind as he adoringly worships her 18 year old feet. Any remaining resistance to Her will, she turns back on Danni in a series of manipulative questions. Although Danni is hurt that he can never be Kali's boyfriend, he gradually accepts that he is powerless to her every material wish and abusive desire. (7:17 long) Clip contains: Kali, foot worship, 18 year old, Emotional Sadism, Brat, Findom, Findom, complex mental manipulation.
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