Lindsey leigh lucky slave boy foot worship

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Description: Do you even know how lucky you are? How many slaves would for the chance to be here at my feet, serving me as my live in foot boy? Lets show them what a good footboy you are. You're done cleaning my feet with that damp towel. You're going to worship every inch of these feet, and clean them from heel to toe. That's right, start from the bottom, and lets see you naw and nibble all that skin off the heels. Haha, this footboy looks so pathetic, but I know so many of you slaves envy him. By the end of this, I want to know how deep I can get my whole foot in your mouth, actually I may want to know how deep you can take both feet. Now be a good boy and get in between each toe with that tongue. I don't want to feel a spec of dirt on my feet after I'm through with you!