Dommelia - Batman Vs Dommelia

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Description: So Batman, you captured me and held me hostage in an attempt to imprison me and free my captured foot slaves. I convinced you to release me in exchange for the information you want, but that was a huge mistake on your part. As we sit down to talk you become mesmerised by the soles of my feet. Little did you know I laced my feet with a potion that once inhaled makes you instantly addicted to and in love with my feet. You find yourself overpowered, kneeling and sniffing my feet, you’re now the latest in my collection of foot slaves. From now on, you’ll no longer be Batman, you’ll now be known as ‘Footman’. I’ll have you crawling behind me on a leash through the streets of Gotham, licking and kissing my feet! Oh, you seriously underestimated me in trying to capture me and now I’ve captured you. And now, with you under my control, I have plans for the city of Gotham…Hahaha!
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