Czech Soles - Eliska - Making My Socks Even More Smelly And Sweaty

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Description: Eli?ka is expecting her date to arrive soon and she needs to prepare herself. But as she tries to find a new clean socks she figures out there are none. She can't possibly make it in time to have a shower and her feet smell pretty bad. What to do? Then she notices her old socks laying around and she figures it's her only way to have some socks. Ewww but these are dirty and smelly...but she doesn't have any other, so she has to take them. But what is he will smell her feet and he'll be disgusted. Or perhaps he will like it. Eli?ka remembers she read somewhere that some guys like smelly socks and feet. It's weird but perhaps this one will like it to. She knows he will! "But maybe my feet and socks are not smelly enough! I need to make them sweaty too!" she thinks to herself and she put's her feet in socks into plastic bags and into her shoes and starts to walk around to make them even more sweaty and smelly. He will love this!