Naomi Swann - Sniff My Feet or I’ll Tell

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Description: Naomi has got her step bro Jason in a bad spot. He stupidly drove home under the influence and left a scratch on their parents car. She even got video proof of it. He hates it when his little step-sister tells on him and he knows he'll have to pay for it, which he cannot afford right now. he bratty step-sister decides to blackmail him with her evil intentions. She tells him if he doesn't sniff her feet straight from her sweaty workout sneakers she's telling step-mom and step-dad. His face cringes as he knows how bad his lil step-sister's feet reek! He groans as he pulls her shoes off and the stinky vinegary sour smell hits his nose like a sledgehammer. She laughs as his nose gets buried in between her toes where all the toejam has accumulated. Her brattiness shines through as she completely humiliates her loser step brother once again.
Models: Naomi Swann