Czech Soles - Czech Girls Fight Over Who's Feet Are Better

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Description: Charlie is a famous video recording guy, he's really good in what he does and girls always want a nice video from him, where they would look sexy and that would give them chance to succeed in movie business. Two of these girls are right now at Charlie's and they are both trying to get him on their own side, to tease him and flirt with him. One of them, Eli?ka, has really big feet, size 42. The other one has quite small feet, size 38. It's well known Charlie is into feet so girls of course always try to play this card but Charlie don't mind. No wonder, would you mind in his place? But these two girls start to fight for him pretty dirty. They are calling each other different names...not nice ones...and Charlie caught in the middle rather leaves the room than listen to that. The girls are brutal, they fight, scream at each other but after some time they realize there is no point in fighting. Why not join together and flirt with Charlie in three people group. But where is Charlie? Now when the girls made peace and are admiring each other's feet, Charlie is gone. Poor guy...he will miss all the foot fun.