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Description: You’re a little oddball in the fetish world. Most of my slaves, or wanna be slaves, they actually want to worship and kiss my beautiful Goddess feet, to show their devotion. To show that they are my possessions that I own. But you’re not one of those are you? You don’t like feet, but you like where they take you. To the bottom, to the floor where you belong. Because you belong on your hands and knees beneath me, don’t you?I know you’re apprehensive, I can see it in your face, you don’t necessarily like doing what you’re expected to do, and you know I’m going to tell you to worship my gorgeous feet and heels. But even though you don’t like feet, you’re going to do it anyway. Because you like the feeling of being beneath me, and that’s where my feet take you. So stick your tongue out and start licking the bottoms of my heels like they’re candy. Taste everywhere that I’ve been without you. Places that you would never be invited to with me. Because you’re not worthy of being seen with me, you’re only worthy of licking the soles of my heels and my feet.Usually I make boys beg to see my feet but I know that you don’t truly want them. The idea of licking my feet kind of repulses you. And that’s why I love that you give in and do it any way. I love the idea of coaxing you into doing something you don’t want to do. Lick my feet. Taste them. Show your devotion to me by doing something you absolutely despise. This is so degrading, isn’t it?I love how obedient you are. I want you to lick each and every toe. You don’t know how many men would do anything to be near my feet. This is a privilege whether you’re into it or not. And that’s why you’re doing it, because you too would do anything just to please me. Worship my feet to show your devotion, to show how deep you’re willing to go, just to please me. It doesn’t matter what you like, now does it? I love that you hate this but you’re doing it any way. I’m going to train you to love feet. I’m going to turn you into a lowly footboy.