Stella Liberty - Rub One Out For Your Tutor

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Description: Well we are back from winter break and I am very excited to get back to our tutoring lessons. Did you complete the reading list I assigned you? NO? Wait? you Do want to GROW right? You do or you don't want to work HARD? Are you distracted right now? Wait, are you staring at my feet? Well if you don't do your assignments you sure won't be able to look at my feet any longer because I won't come back! You're distracted by my sandals dangling off my feet? I don't really know what to say to that but I am still all about motivation so maybe we can use this to our advantage. If you ever want to see these bare toes again and watch my shoe slap on my sole you are going to need to apply yourself, and maybe, just maybe I'll let you get close enough to put your nose between my foot and my sandal. Now go FINISH that reading list!
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