Mistress Dahlia - Turns Her Pony Into Her Toe sucker

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Description: Club Dom - Mistress Dahlia - Turns Her Pony Into Her Toe Sucker Mistress Dahlia Rain is being pulled in a cart by her pony boy bitch. She motivates her pony by periodically whipping him as he runs. Dahlia commands her slave to stop pulling her and kneel before her, sitting in the pony cart. She wants to see her pony boy now turn into her toe licker. Her slave has the privilege of kissing, licking and sucking on her toes and feet. Mistress Dahila commands her bitch to spit on the soles of her feet and lick his own spit. After that, she spits on the top of her foot and makes him lick up her spit. The pony slave has done a good job worshipping Mistress Dahlia’s feet so she rewards him by spitting in his mouth. After drinking his Goddess’s spit, the slave is told to crawl over to the whipping post. Dahlia has more planned for this bitch than just fun and games today.