Natasha - My Stinky Feet Own You

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Description: Natasha has been working hard at her office job for a while now, making all the money in the house while her bf Jason lazes around the house doing nothing but complain. Today she has worn her flats all day and her feet are achy and sore. She kicks them up on the table and almost immediately Jason starts whining about the vinegary smell permeating from them. She's done hearing his whining and pulls a flat off a foot and sticks it in his face. The smell overwhelms him as she soon finds himself at her mercy sitting over him. She now takes great pleasure making him smell her stinky size 8 soles as he squirms from the intense smell. She laughs as she tells him this will be his new job for her, to be her smelly foot slave and smell them every day. She will use him as a doormat, trampling on him then make him use his mouth and tongue to clean her feet of all the stinky sweat and smell!