Ginary's Tickle Adventures - Miss Quinn Gets Her Bare Feet Tickled

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Description: Miss Quin is all tied up with her bare feet exposed and big toes tied together. Star Morning starts Quin off with feathers then moves on to a back scratcher. Quinn laugher ranges from giggles to screams as Star tickles her with a paintbrush, barehands and sharp fingernails. Next Star pulls out the pinwheel and the vibrator. Quin is surprised at how ticklish her toes are with the vibrator. Then Star combines the pinwheel and vibrator together. She gives Quin more barehand and vibrator tickling to make her squeal and squirm. Star quizzes Quin asking her to rate the different parts of her feet and just how ticklish each of her tickle toys are. Just when Quin thinks the torment is over Star remembers the hairbrush.