Real Bare Soles – Magnificent blonde’s bare soles, firs

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Description: Every once in a great while I see a true "quality woman" -- a straight-up magnificent beauty -- sitting in the park with her bare feet propped up. Now, that's not saying that most of the women I shoot aren't cute or otherwise attractive, just that the top tier beauties are rare. This girl was a top tier beauty. She was sitting in the park early in the fall of 2015, her running shoes off, her big feet up, as shapely and devestatingly gorgeous as the rest of her. So I walked over, very careful not to act to excited. She had the chair with her feet on it turned so the seat back was in front of her face, so I had to sit very close, and getting to that close place in a nonchalant way is not as easy as it sounds. But I did it. As I sat down her eyes followed me. I took out my phone and checked my mail/texts for a minute or so, and then I opened my bag and took out the camera. I flipped the viewfinder open and pointed the lens at her. Through the viewfinder I could see she was tossing her hair a bit, and her beautiful big shapely soles just FILLED the viewfinder. Then I saw her look at me, and she looked a few times, one after the other. I held my breath. Later when I got home I saw a little smirk on her face, which I couldn't see in the viewfinder, so I didn't know if this was it. But it wasn't, she kept those feet down, kept texting. I was so relieved. Her soles were so close if I had reached out I could have stroked their soft, tender, sensitive flesh. I settled in hoping for a long session. A little girl at one point ran right through the narrow space between me and her foot chair, so I cut that out, but otherwise I was shooting this AMAZING VIEW for about four minutes when she suddenly stood right up and spun her foot chair around 90 degrees, swiveled her fanny and put her feet back up. I would normally have taken this as a sign that she wanted me to stop, but when I am really in the zone, all I think about is getting footage of the soles. So I got up, grabbed my bag, pretended I was making a phone call, paced around a little, then sat down right in front of her soles in her new location. I shot a quick glance at her and she was looking at me, a smile on her face. I took this to mean she either changed position for some other reason, or she was just making me work, not making it easy for me, to see just how much I wanted her soles. I really wanted those beauties, so I took the camera back out and kept shooting. Once again I was so close her big feet loomed huge in the viewfinder. I shot about another ten minutes, and every time she picked her head up and looked around I gasped because her FACE IS SO GODDAM GORGEOUS. She is a goddess. I am amazed that I got this. After another heart attack inducing ten minutes so got up again, I thought to leave but she went over the the left side of her chair and lay on the lawn, her ankles crossed, her big soles again very visible. Again I had to get up to get the perspective soles view and again I did, and again she chuckled when I was sitting down. I shot about another six minutes of her as she lay on the grass and continued to text. Then she sat up, and soon after that went back to her chair and put her big blue and grey running shoes back on. I pulled my headphones off when she got a call, and she said, in a very girlish voice, that she was sorry she was late and would be back to the show right away. She hustled off the lawn, and I got up and sat in the chair where she'd been. I sat there for a while, thinking, did that just happen?
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