Foot Fetish Beauties - Jenette and Candy trampling in gym shoes!

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Description: We can see the New girl; Jenette, now with Candy in gym shoes. In the 'beginning' Jenette is a little more careful than Candy, but she visibly feeling good, and after time she is harder and harder. Initially she is just stepping on their slave's body, after she's starting to bounce, and sometimes standing on his face and throat also and bouncing on it! And Candy; we know already her brutal style. Sometimes she is very hard, and kicking the slave very hard, what is of course very bad feeling for him, he is trying to protect himself, but Candy doesn't care, she continues, she is jumping, walking on all his body, like on a piece of carpet! It's very good to watch them together, I'm sure you will love what you see! ;)
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